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The Legends of the Crystal Skulls and Being a Skull Guardian

March 02, 2019

The Legends of the Crystal Skulls and Being a Skull Guardian

The Legends of the Crystal Skulls and Being a Skull Guardian

By Domanique Luna Blackwolf
Crystal Skulls are a symbol of mystery, power and ancient knowledge. The legend of the 13 crystals skulls dates back to the Atlantean and Lemurian times, where it is said that the 13 crystal skulls were kept in pyramid known as the “Ark” during the Great Flood. 12 of the 13 Crystal Skulls each contain a vast amount of information, each one representing a sacred planet and specialized area of expertise. The 13th Crystal Skull represents the Collective Consciousness of all the planets, and the awakening of the Human Race into the next Golden Era of Enlightenment.


Native American Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Deer is quoted in Keith Faucet’s book, 

“Chasing the Wind II - Return of the Crystal Skulls”, saying:

“The skulls were kept inside a pyramid in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. The Ark was comprised of the twelve skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle, with the thirteenth skull, the largest, placed in the center of this formation. This thirteenth skull represents the collective consciousness of all the worlds. It connects up the knowledge of all the sacred planets.”


It is said that the 13 Crystal Skulls were scattered across the Earth after the Great Flood and are said to come back together at the pivotal point in history when Humanity is ready to Awaken. When the Skulls are reunited together this vast knowledge and spiritual power can help bring forth the New Paradigm into physical reality.

Legend has begun to weave into actual history, as this mythical flood which is referenced in multiple religions across the world has been discovered in the geological record. Quartz has recently been discovered in modern technology to hold Terabytes of information within microchips, the amount of knowledge contained in these skulls goes beyond our human brain’s comprehension.

Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Perez, head of the National Council of Maya Elders, a 13th generation Quiche Maya Spiritual Leader has been featured in a documentary called the “Shift of the Ages” where he speaks of a sacred prophecy:

“The prophecy says now is the time of the awakening.

This is your job now, to awaken.”



so where have the Oldest Crystal Skulls been found?

The earliest record of a crystal skull being discovered goes back to the early 1700’s, when a Monk near Luv, Russia found a large Rose Quartz skull sticking out of a mound with many of other artifacts linked to the Ancient Scythians, a civilization that lived in Russia over a thousand years ago. This skull is known as the “Luv” Skull and it’s caretaker is Ms. Joky Van Dieten.

Perhaps the most popular and controversial crystal skull is known as the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull or the “Skull of Doom” which was said to be discovered during Archeological dig of Ancient Mayan Ruins in Belize, called

Lubaatun (“the City of Fallen Stones”) in 1924. It is said that Mitchel-Hedges’ adopted daughter Anna was on the dig with them and found the crystal skull in a pyramid. Many tests have been done on this skull as it was featured in a National Geographic documentary called “The Truth Behind the Crystal Skulls”. A forensic facial reconstructive test was done in the documentary, revealing that the skull was modeled after the structure of European Woman, debunking the potential of this skull coming from the Ancient Mayans. Records have also been revealed of Mitchell-Hedges purchaseing the skull at Sotheby's auction in London on October 15, 1943.

Despite the lore that was made up around this skull for publicity purposes, it remains a remarkable piece that weighs in at 11 lbs. 7 oz. and was carved out of a solid piece of clear quartz with a detachable jaw. A freelance art restorer Frank Dorland, who had the skull in 1970 claimed the skull showed no evidence of being mechanically carved and said it could be up to 12,000 years old, being originally carved with ancient diamond tools and sand polishing over a period of 200-300 years. Where the skull came from before it surfaced in the Sotheby’s Auction in London in 1943 is still a mystery. It is said that this skull has the ability to heal deadly diseases or cause death, which is where it got its name the “Skull of Doom”.

Crystal skulls contain magical properties such as inducing visions, premonitions, healing abilities, increasing psychic abilities. Spiritual Entities can enter a crystal skull as it would a body, where vast amounts of knowledge and information can be stored and accessed. These beings hold powerful knowledge that can either bring forward great healing and enlightenment or in the wrong hands can be used to cause great harm. It is of the utmost importance that if you feel called to be a Crystal Skull Guardian that you understand the gravity of this responsibility and do not take it lightly.


Being a Crystal Skull Guardian

So, you feel connected with Crystal Skulls? There is probably a crystal skull that is calling to you, waiting to share its knowledge and gifts with you. Skulls choose their caretakers with great precision, it is imperative that you use your intuition when picking out your skull, for the skull is actually ‘picking out’ you! Through being a Crystal Skull Guardian, your psychic abilities may get stronger the more you work with them, it is important to remember that these gifts are a great honor and responsibility. As a Crystal Skull guardian, you must remember to stay humble, in service to the greatest good of the all, and keep your ego in check.

When greeting the Skull for the first time, Mayan Priests would hold the Skull up to their third eye. Remain open without expectation, to any guidance, words, images, or feelings that emerge from the interaction. Many Crystal Skulls will share their name with their guardians during this initial greeting. The Crystal Skulls are powerful and ancient ancestors and can be portal entry points for higher dimensional entities for contact. It is important to respect their power and take care of these skulls in good way by keeping your skull clean, especially the eye sockets and teeth can be done with using a toothbrush every month or so. You can give them baths in Natural Water Sources, connecting them with the earth by taking them outside to sacred places, giving them offerings, and activating them with other crystals, sunlight or moonlight.

Connecting with other Skull Guardians and bringing the skulls together to “talk” can result in massive shifts in consciousness as a meeting of the masterminds.  Be discerning with who you allow to touch or be near your crystal skull, as it is your job to protect and share at your own discretion the sacred information that is contained in it.

Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj perez, head of the National Council of Maya Elders states from an Ancient Prophecy:

“We are the children of the sun, we are the children of time and we are the travelers in space.

May all the songs awaken, may all the dancers awaken.

May all the people and all things live in peace for you are the valleys, you are the mountains, you are the trees, you are the very air you breathe’….


Now is the time of return of the grandmothers and grandfathers.

Now is the time of the return of the elders.

Now is the time of the return of the wise ones. And the wise ones are all of you.

Now is the time to go out into the world and spread the light…

Now is the time that the prophecies will be fulfilled.”


Become a crystal skull Guardian:

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