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Copper Orgone Pendant

This is a copper orgone pendant. With QUARTZ pieces. Made from copper powder. It accumulates life force energy and helps maintain a healthy energetic field, or auric field. Copper is said to facilitate mental agility and quick wit.

Benefits of this orgone pendant:

  • Feeling better, both physically and spiritually
  • Relationships improve
  • Vivid dreams
  • Better sleep
  • Spiritual growth
  • Accelerated plant growth

Learn more about the benefits of Orgone accumulators here:


 **These copper pendants are the design of Ezequiel's Healing Tools and handmade in mexico**

**Attention all international costumers, make sure you know your countries International shipping customs and rules, we at Ezequiel's Healing tools are not responsible for and added fees at customs, and please take note that your package will take longer to get there than our US customers, thank you. ** 



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