Tibetan Prayer Flags Set Of 5- Made in Nepal

These Prayer flags come in a set of 5 rolls. Each roll has 25 flags

  • prayer Flags promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom
  • These prayer flags come in the 5 traditional colors, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, and Green

Prayer flags in high place allow the wind to carry the printed blessings far and wide

prayer flags are made of 5 colors, blue, white, red, green, yellow representing ether (space), water, fire, air, earth

prayer flags in nepal and hand printed one at a time

Tibetan prayer flags are printed with auspicious symbols using horse, tiger, a mythical snow lion or powerful bird

tradition says a“wind horse swiftly delivers the printed prayers faded prayer flags indicated that prayers have been answered

new prayer flags are put up “Losar” the Tibetan new year in mid February