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About Me



Ezequiel's Healing Tools is a Company that is dedicated, to providing the highest vibration Healing Energy tools on the Market, Ezequiel Since he was 14 has studied and made powerful orgone products, now 24 going on 25 we have 3 employees including Ezequiel Reyes.

Ezequiel through much pain, suffering and challenges made Orgonite® as a way to help himself in tough times in his life. The wisdom through those trials are embodied in our products to make sure that we can serve you the best. Our three main products are made from Ezequiel's creative inspiration. Each of these orgone pyramids is made to work with a specific chakra, we have one for the sacral, third eye and heart. Black sun orgonite® was introduced by orgonite® austin and constitution lost on youtube, which took the concept of orgonite® to the next level.