About me

Hello everybody my name is Ezequiel Reyes Im a 24 years old I make orgonite currently here in my home town of Ojai. Most of my orgonite that I make is based of orgonite Austins an constitution lost orgonite recipe which in the case or orgonite austin he started with iron filings quarts rock dust and went from there. I remember constitutions lost would do something similar but he made the recipe cheaper and simpler, he would use black iron oxide for the main metal component and play sand from Lowes or Home depot which was basically crushed up quartz. My recipe is mostly the same with the exception that I still like to add those denser more solid metals to my orgonite recipe, so occasional brass shavings and or aluminum shavings for “good measure”. Most if not all of my orgonite is made for the energetic aspect but I do however can make them look beautiful but my main purpose to make healing tools that to HEAL people, not put three pieces of metal with a crystal and pretty colors and call it orgonite. On my website I will coming up with new healing tools based of orgone energy for the most part, every so often to add to the catelog and or products list, and yes they will be expensive as I make all of my orgonite by hand and by my self for the time being. I will let people know if I add products that I do not personal make by hand, for example crystals, or anything of the sort. That will be all for now my brothers and sisters, thank you and Namaste.